◎ Direct Line Group was founded. The same year, we assisted students to get admitted to Harvard University.

◎ Direct Line Group was invited by The China Post, the most widely-read English newspaper in Taiwan, to host the overseas column for a year.

◎ Direct Line Group hosted the Overseas Mailbox sponsored by the most famous Broadcasting Corporation of China for the students in Taiwan and the Mainland China for a year, which was highly acclaimed owing to our professional counseling services.

◎ Direct Line Group and Mr. Yu-Zhao Yu (Director of Bureau of International Cultural and Educational Relations) were invited to the call-in program hosted by Ms. Xian-Qing Tao, a well-known broadcaster, at Broadcasting Corporation of China and answered the questions about overseas studies for the students nationwide.

◎ We were proudly awarded “Gold Medal for Overseas Studies Services” from Taiwan Ministry of Education.

◎ Because of our excellent counseling services in overseas studies, we were invited to collaborate a TV program with Boston College in the UK and Alexander Institute of Technology in Australia.

◎ We were greatly recognized from hosting the call-in program “Introduction to Overseas Universities” at CATV in Taiwan for two years.

◎ Direct Line Group exclusively set up the widely acclaimed policy “Top100 Universities Guarantee”- we refund if students were not admitted to Top100 schools.

◎ Direct Line Group announced a venture joint - Win-Win Top Schools - with APEX English, which was a pioneer project in Taiwan to work with cram schools.

◎ Direct Line Group embarked on establishing an all-encompassing online database and application system - DLMIS.

◎ We invited over 20 prestigious schools - Johns Hopkins University, Boston University, University of Toronto, etc – for the first time ever nationwide interview in Taiwan. The feedback from over 500 participants was overwhelming.

◎ Direct Line Group was invited by Taiwan Broadband Communications to host “Explore International Education” for a year. Our professional services were once again acknowledged by the media.

◎ Direct Line Group was the sole agent for online English courses - Online TOEFL, Online TOEIC, and other e-commerce products.

◎ Direct Line Group embarked on the second stage of building up DLMIS, fortifying its online functions to meet the students’ needs.

◎ DLMIS not only is the only online overseas studies system with a complete database but generously gives free access to all students nationwide.

◎ In accordance with the goals of joining WTO and increasing Taiwan’s competitiveness, Direct Line Group aligned itself with the responsibilities to advance our students’ English ability and to promote international certificates. Consequently, we introduced Becker CPA, Stalla CFA, and Becker CMA into Taiwan – the world-class professional education for accounting and finance professionals.

◎ Overseas Department was established, in charge of expanding the China market by means of B2B with quality agents in China.

◎ We collaborated with Chinese agents and assisted nearly 200 Chinese students to get admitted into TOP100 universities in the USA.

◎ Direct Line Counseling Co., Ltd. was awarded “Creative Teaching” from Becker.

◎ In response to great demand for applying for schools online, DLMIS was officially launched online, providing digital school data, online counseling appointment booking service, online translation service, online applying service and online courier service.

◎ We cooperated with Chinese agents and successfully assisted more than 300 Chinese students to get admitted to Top 100 universities in the USA.

◎ We assisted to set up UCLA Alumni Association in Taiwan.

◎ We gained a foothold in China by successfully assisting over 500 students to apply for admissions to Top 100 universities in the USA.

◎ We upgraded DLMIS and added system features of customer management, Internet marketing and DL internal management.

◎ Till 2011, we have established cooperation with 24 prestigious schools in the USA.

◎ iae GLOBAL’s products and services were introduced to Direct Line, who built iae CRM system in traditional Chinese and help establish iae TAIWAN.

◎ Direct Line worked with China Center for International Educational Exchange (CCIEE) and successfully assisted 100 students of its Project of Global Access (PGA) in their application to top 100 colleges.

◎ Direct Line successfully promoted UCLA’s Engineering International Hybrid Master programs in Taiwan.

◎ Direct Line successfully5,000 Chinese students in their application to top 100 colleges and developed the market of US college recruiting services and language schools.

◎ Direct Line worked with B2B international schools such as Kang Ciao International School – Shanghai, Taoyuan American School, and United Education USA.

◎ Direct Line was authorized to be an IELTS Consulting Center by IDP.